Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Get a Country Look with Rustic Styled Home Decor

Closer to nature, this is probably what the Rustic Styled Home Decor offers you. Makes you feel that you are living in a farm, far away from the busy of metropolitan city doesn't matter where you live. Country look interior style is always enchanting for some people and today we will show you how to get a country look with Rustic Styled Home Decor. 
Rustic Styled Home Decor

Recycled Wood

Remember what’s the point of Rustic Styled Home Decor? Rustic here is referring to (mostly) wooden furniture that still keeping the natural look of the wood itself. So if you want to bring the rustic look of your country style house what you need to do is to choose furniture or decorations which still preserved the natural look and even shaped of the wood itself. It wasn't that hard to find this type of furniture, they are all freely sold at an online furniture store of even cheap furniture stores.

Recycled Stuff

Choosing a Rustic Styled Home Decor look also means that you will also supported nature as well. How come? That’s because using recycled stuff here is a great choice! What we mean here as recycled is to use old furniture or stuff into another furniture or even decorations. For example, you can use wine barrel as a coffee table or ottoman is up to you. You’ll get the vintage looking country house while pressing down your budget and being green to the environment! What a great choice!

Disstress furniture

Another way to make a Rustic Styled Home Decor look is to give some distress or worn out look to your furniture. If you think that traditional style china cabinet in your dinning room doesn't fit your rustic theme house, don’t just throw them away and buy a new one. There are a lot of tutorials in the internet where you can actually give some distress look to your furniture and make them look rustic! Beside you can also cut your budget as well.